Our Collections

JoDis Shoes are carefully designed and developed in a healthy cooperation with designers, influencers and skillful craftsmen.

The team behind JoDis Shoes has a vast background of over twenty years in designing and producing quality footwear.

Our experience, knowledge and enthusiasm for the industry is all applied effectively in our collections.

JoDis Shoes collaborates with some of Europe’s leading fashion influencers to inspire and sometimes co-design collections at JoDis.

We cooperate with talented people that share our passion for making the highest quality collection of footwear.

This is vital in creating wearable fashion that is responsibly produced for you.


JoDis Shoes has had a long-lasting partnership with European family-owned factories, who put extensive detail into our footwear with handcrafted mastery.

Their main emphasis is on having the highest quality materials and responsibility in production.

With a quality selection of leathers, a carefully supervised production process and our original finishing touches, nothing is left to chance at JoDis.


We at JoDis Shoes believe that everybody plays a role in acting responsibly towards the health of our planet.

With that being our guideline, we are always mindful of our choice of materials, production quality and transportation.

Our factories are audited to the highest standards and our leather is sourced from “Leather Working Group”, which is an organisation that aims to promote sustainable and appropriate environmental business practises within the leather industry.

At JoDis Shoes we do our utmost to think and act sustainably on all levels.

For wholesale inquiries please send an email to jodis@jodisshoes.com