Andrea Steen is a Norwegian fashion enthusiast who works in the industry. She does not limit herself to a specific style making you instantly want to see what she takes on next! JoDis had the pleasure of sponsoring Andrea on fashion week where she wore JoDis AW22 creations, styling them to perfection!

Can you tell us a bit about yourself?
I’m Andrea Steen, a 25-year-old girl working in fashion in Oslo, Norway.

What is the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?
Snooze my alarm! Multiple times.

What do you always have with you when you leave the house?
I always carry a big collection of lip products and I use the first one I find in my bag. It doesn’t matter what the shade is, I just grab one and go.

When you have time off, what do you enjoy doing?
When I have time off, I usually work some more. I have always loved to be creative and share cool things.

When did you start having an interest in fashion?
My parents have traveled the world and collected a lot of amazing clothes throughout the years. I had them in a big suitcase and used to build different outfits and experiment with all of the different styles. When I was ten years old I started a blog where I posted outfit photos, and even though I deleted the blog after five years, it helped set the tone for what I do now with Instagram.

How would you describe your style? 
I don’t feel like I have a specific style, I can wear a preppy outfit one day and ripped jeans the next. For the past year or so I have been living with a capsule wardrobe (because I have had limited storage) and this has changed my perspective on fashion for the better. I care more about buying good materials that last, and I make sure that every new piece goes with the clothes I already have. With a few exceptions of course.

What is fashion to you?
Fashion is expressing your mood, personality and lifestyle. You can tell a lot from what someone is wearing.

Where do you seek inspiration when it comes to fashion? 
I look to friends and colleagues for style inspiration. As many of them are in the same field of work as me it’s super easy to get inspired.

Do you have any rule of thumb when it comes to creating a good outfit?
If I feel good, I look good. Comfort is key.

What is your go-to look?
Right now, midi skirts, oversized cashmere sweaters and a cool pair of JoDis boots.